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The Joys of Driving an Electric Car PDF Print E-mail
Written by Doug McKenzie   

There are obvious environmental benefits of electric cars, such as reducing reliance on imported oil. There are also many not-so-obvious benefits to owning and driving an EV. This talk will compare environmental, economic and experiential benefits of owning and driving an electric car versus a gasoline-powered car.  Slides here


Doug took early retirement from Hewlett-Packard in 2005 after nearly 20 years as a people, project and program manager in customer service and in software development. Prior to HP, he was a salesperson, a newsletter editor, a home remodeling contractor and a property manager. Since departing HP, he has become a career coach as well as an educator and consultant in the solar power industry. He became a Nissan Leaf owner in April 2013.


A Local Co-Gen Power Plant PDF Print E-mail
Written by Daun Jacobsen   


Recently, I had a chance to tour a local power plant; the Silicon Valley Power’s Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant in Santa Clara. Also see: http://www.energy.ca.gov/ and search for “Von Raesfeld”.


Silicon Valley Power is run by the city of Santa Clara. They have many sources of power, a good number of which are renewable sources located in California. (See http://siliconvalleypower.com for more specifics.)


But the power that is described in this write-up comes right from within Santa Clara.


Making it Green, Making it in USA: Story of a VERY Green Light PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nancy Wahl-Scheurich   


Nancy will describe how her tiny start-up went about designing and bringing to market what is arguably the “greenest” desk lamp available today. Nancy Wahl-Scheurich is an LEED AP and Founder and CEO of LittleFootprint Lighting.



A product idea inspired by LEED

From idea to design to production

o   Research

o   Material choices

o   Partners

o   Standards

o   Obstacles & Opportunities

Ongoing Challenges and Victories

IEEE 1588 - Precision Time Protocol on the Smart Grid PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rod Kirk   


Behind every advancement in the areas of renewable energy and energy management, are some underlying technologies which help make those advancements possible. The IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol is one of those underlying technologies which is helping to make the Smart Grid a reality. This presentation will provide an overview of this technology and some of its uses in the Smart Grid.


Rod_KirkRod Kirk, a San Francisco Bay area native, has held various Electrical Engineering positions in numerous companies in the areas of data storage, networks, and motion control. He has a degree from San Jose State University and an Energy Management certificate from De Anza College. Rod is currently providing Technical Writing services for emerging companies.


Download slides

Through the Green Door Marketing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Beverly Turner   


We will put together a million dollar industry, selling appropriate green products to a range of industries. We will identify the specific industry needs, the type of products that are available, and develop an inexpensive, targeted business plan.


Beverly Turner is in Internet Marketing in the Food and Beverages Industry.


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