Green Infrastructure For Storm Water Management

A Presentation, Discussion, & Videos Hosted By Mei-Ling Shek

sydney 764891 960 720Stormwater runoff in urban areas is a major source of water pollution. Rain or snowmelt  flowing over impervious surfaces, such as paved streets and parking lots, picks up pollutants like trash, oils and chemicals, before it is discharged into rivers, streams, lakes, and coastal waters. Traditional stormwater management approaches generally consider only flood control, and have not targeted pollutant reduction or the health of our ecosystems.  In addition, rain water is a valuable resource which should be harvested in drought-stricken California.

Come join us to view and discuss the videos “Stormwater Pollution & Green Infrastructure Solutions”, produced by the  Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District (New York), and “Smart Green Infrastructure: How To Grow Sustainable Cities” by the TreePeople in Los Angeles.

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What’s Happening With The California Delta Water Fix Situation?

A Discussion, Video, and Live Feed Day Hosted By Rod Kirk

IMG 6067 smallerIt is time to set everything aside and pay attention to what is happening with the California Delta Water Fix situation. The Water Fix issue is probably one of the biggest issues to hit California in recent years and if not dealt with correctly, could adversely affect the people, the land, and the natural resources of the state forever. Alot of news releases have taken place. The Restore The Delta organization has been on top of it all and has been reporting on key statements, dialogue, and events related to this battle. Join us in this important session where we will engage in some discussion, watch some interesting videos, and possibly watch live hearings on the Delta Water Fix issue that are taking place.


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How To Have More Water Efficient Gardens - A Discussion & Workshop

A Presentation & Workshop By Shelkie Tao

shelkie pres 1 smallerCalifornia is in its fifth year of a historical drought and every effort is required to conserve water.  One of the most effective ways is to replace the lawn with a water efficient garden.  While many people know about this, it would be good to see more of these gardens in our cities and towns.  How can we reach more people, provide help, and ultimately have more water efficient gardens?  In this presentation, Shelkie will review the work she has done with her website waterefficientgarden.com, and brainstorm with everyone how to best promote and advance the idea. Please join us for this interesting and important workshop and discussion.


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Sustainability As A Path To Peace: How To Prevent Future Wars Over Our Water Supply

A Presentation By Tony Green

dreamstime xs 25255669 Displaced Angolan Carrying WaterNatural gas production is at an all-time high which has led to the lowest gas prices in a generation. Many suspect the United States will eventually be the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. The process of hydraulic fracturing has been one of the primary reasons for the abundant supply of natural gas.

Of all of the water in world, only 3.5% is freshwater suitable for drinking, and less than .001% is available throughout the planets’ rivers, lakes, and streams. As populations rise, and the effect of global climate are felt, surface temperatures will rise and water will become scarcer. The United Nations has stated that conflicts between rival countries could arise over access to water supplies. As water shortages become increasingly urgent, countries may resort to violence to quench their thirsts.

Read more: Sustainability As A Path To Peace: How To Prevent Future Wars Over Our Water Supply

SCVWD WaterFix/Delta Tunnels Workshop

An Important Meeting At The Santa Clara Valley Water District

delta 2 picWe have another opportunity to educate the SCVWD Board on why the WaterFix/Delta Tunnels plan is severely flawed, why it is a plan that does not address the best interests of the rate payers of Santa Clara Valley, and why it will be another assault on the quality and future of the natural California Delta system.

Join us for the SDVWD WaterFix/Delta Tunnels Workshop on June 21, 2016 at the SDVWD facility on Almaden Blvd in San Jose. The meeting will start at 9am.

Visit the Action Alert area on the Restore The Delta website to read the details of how you can get involved and also get acquainted with more of the facts and issues at hand. You will have the opportunity to speak your mind to the SCVWD Board for 2 minutes. If you cannot attend the meeting, you can send your comments to the meeting and have them read out loud. Again, please go the area in the link above to learn about the details. Time is of the essence so please visit the site as soon as possible.




Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center - What Can Recycled Water Do For You?

A Presentation By Nai Hsueh

SVAWPC 160112 SmallThe Santa Clara Valley Water District is responsible for securing, managing and delivering a safe and reliable water supply to the region. Searching for sustainable local water supply sources that match the right quality with the right use is part of that responsibility. The Santa Clara valley needs additional supplies, and highly purified recycled water is our new, locally developed and reliable water supply. The Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, the largest plant of its kind in northern California, is the focal point of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s recycled water expansion.

The $72 million state-of-the-art facility receives secondary-treated effluent from the neighboring San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility and purifies it to a very high quality using proven purification processes—microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection.  

scvwd logo 1


                                                                                                                                                            Web site: purewatersv.org 

Read more: Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center - What Can Recycled Water Do For You?

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