Big Data Use Cases for Energy: Connected Cars

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The advent of motor vehicles ushered in a new wave of productivity for humankind. It created economics of scale never or known seen before. Unfortunately, it also silently started to hurt the very environment that we live in. Increasing carbon emissions around the world have created irrecoverable damage on Mother Earth. New inventions like the electric cars are slowly but steadily helping stop and in some cases, reverse the damage being done but still a lot more still needs to be done. 

We have to change and optimize the way we drive, lower the number of miles driven on a daily basis and adopt technologies to develop efficient least travel patterns, improve gas mileage, and predict breakdowns. The connected cars of today can help us achieve these goals – by the simple OBDII diagnostic outlet. Big Data technologies can help us take all these data and churn it into information that can be used by individuals and businesses alike. This talk will showcase with a live demo of how today’s connected cars are driving humankind towards greener pastures. General aspects of Big Data and way and means by which it can be harnessed for various applications in the Energy domain will be covered.

Please join us for this special EcoGreen Group presentation event.

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Electric Vehicles & The Grid

This mornings topic will be Electric Vehicles & the Grid. We will be viewing a video on the subject and having a discussion.
You are invited to join us to view a video on the topic of Electric Vehicles & the Grid. This is a great opportunity to network with fellow EGG members. If you are new to this organization and have never attended an EGG event, it is a chance to explore how you can benefit from being a member and volunteering.
Thursday Morning, March 05, 2015 8:15 am - 9:45 am
Saratoga Federated Church, Richards Hall, 20390 Park Place Saratoga, CA  95070

This Event is Free!

Tour of the Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology Laboratory

dr fred berez sjsu picThe EcoGreen Group will be hosting a second tour of Prof. Barez lab at San Jose State University.

Please let Al Sanchez-Chew know if you will be coming before Wednesday, August 13th midnight. This is to let Prof. Barez know in advance the number of visitors. If you have friends coming with you, please let Al know the number of people.



The tour will take place on Friday afternoon August 15, 2014 at 2-4 pm.

Please arrive at least 5 min. early and meet at the Engineering Building Main Lobby, across from the new Student Union Building. The Engineering Building is located on East San Fernando Street between 7th and 8th Streets.

The Campus map and links to parking & transit information can be found at . It seems the "ENG" main lobby is on the south side of the building, it faces "SU". 

Redefining Transportation: Electrifying Trucks & Busses

Silicon Valley Clean Tech Speaker Series

A Presentation by Jim Castelaz

motiv logo 1Trucks and buses are critical parts of our transportation infrastructure; moving people, products, materials, and even our garbage.   Imagine a world where local delivery trucks and buses no longer spew diesel exhaust or fill their tanks with fossil fuel.  Motiv makes this possible, driving the change to electrified trucks and buses.  Come learn how this local start-up company’s innovative strategy and products make this possible.   Come meet the founder and CEO of Motiv Power Systems and learn how Motiv is changing this oft-forgotten industry. The presentation will cover, among other things, the items below:  


  • What are the challenges, trends and future of electric trucks and buses?
  • Why is this segment poised to make a huge impact in our global fossil fuel dependence?
  • How will this change fundamentally alter our capability to move goods and people?

Read more: Redefining Transportation: Electrifying Trucks & Busses

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

A Presentation by Mathiew Gardette

An overview of early markets and perspective on alternative transportation energy solutions.

  • What is the current status of fuel cell technologies?    
  • What is the value proposition of H2-energy and fuel cells with regard to global energy economic challenges?    
  • Which are the early markets?    
  • How will those markets get the industry and general public ready for H2 mobility?    
  • How soon to come?

These questions naturally lead to a deeper look at the latest developments on the California roadmap for H2 fuel infrastructure as well as a discussion as to why the introduction of FCEVs in the automotive market is still controversial and whether FCEVs and BEVs (battery electric vehicles) complement one another or are competitors.

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