Materials and Recycling

A Behind The Scenes View Of Recycling

A Discussion And Video Session Hosted By Rod Kirk

pixabay plastic bottles 115069 1280The recycling industry continues to evolve with increasing ability to re-use plastics, metals, glass, and paper. Municipalities are changing the ways they address the need to recycle. Automation is constantly changing to improve the quantity of recycling materials as well as the speed at which it is done. In todays session we will take a look at some of the recycling facilities and see how they are doing their job. We will also take a look at how gold is recycled from electronic parts. Please join us for an interesting look into this field.





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Setting Goals: Have We Reached The Limits Of Recycling?

A Discussion And Video Session Hosted By Mei-Ling Shek

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This one-hour webcast is the second in a series on recycling, sponsored by GreenBiz, and looks at how regulators and private industry can apply the principles of Sustainable Materials Management (SMM). Come join us to learn:

• What does the paradigm shift to sustainable materials management imply in terms of balancing the recycling goals of  environmental benefit, economics and material recovery?

• What is the value of setting and updating goals ?

• Why are the concepts of Sustainable Materials Management and lifecycle thinking critical?

• How do changes in the global economy, packaging trends and recycling programs require that we update our thinking on    handling today’s waste stream?


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Repair Cafe And The Fixer Movement

 A Presentation By Maia Coladonato

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Do you have something that you love but it no longer works or is damaged and wish you could repair it?

How do we fix broken things we use and love in our "disposable" world? Where can go to figure out if something is worth repairing?

Our dumps are filling up with stuff we throw away because we no longer choose to fix things—we buy new things, which frequently aren't as well made.

maia 600 451393735 3 picThe fixer movement with event-based repair, such as Repair Cafe and Fixit-Clinic, offer a solution to help divert valuable resources from landfill. These organizations are re-introducing a fixer-mentality and a curiosity of how things work, and how they can be fixed. Find out more about this movement and how you can be a part of it!

(No repairs will be done at this learning event.)

Join us for this exciting EGG event.



Access The Presentation Here



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Plastics : Recyclable, or Waste?

Come join us for videos and a discussion on how to deal with plastics

Pixabay plastic 334546 1280The use of plastics in our everyday life and in the vast number of products being produced has been increasing yearly. There are many challenges in dealing with the disposal and re-use of these plastics. Mei-Ling Shek will show some videos on the topic and then we will engage in some discussion. 




* Types of plastic commonly used
* The need for plastic recycling
* Plastics accepted for recycling
* Non-recyclable plastics
* Biodegradation?
* Biopolymers  

Download Presentation Here

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Molly Morse Wins!

Molly won!!!

Congratulations to Molly Morse and the Mango Materials team for winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in conjunction with the Clinton Global Initiative and a prize of 500,000 euros ($630,000)! Molly also won the facebook Vote challenge! Thank you for voting!

Mango Materials Logo 2Mango Materials produces biodegradable plastics from waste biogas (methane) that are economically competitive with conventional petroleum-based plastics. Mango Materials uses excess methane gas from wastewater treatment plants or landfills to produce pellets of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a valuable polymer that is converted into a variety of high margin or high volume, eco-friendly plastic products such as children’s toys, electronic casings, water bottles, and food packaging containers.

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Ideas For Waste Management & Recycling

Videos & Discussion Led by Mei-Ling Shek 

garbage 2For today's meeting we will view some portions of several videos which pertain to the areas of recycling and waste management. The Select Committee on Waste Reduction and Recycling in 21st Century California convened for the first time on August 18, 2015, in Sacramento.  Leaders from across the state discussed what we need to do, collaboratively, to meet the statewide goal of recycling 75% of our waste by 2020. While California does a good job collecting recyclables,  we miss out on much of the economic benefits that can be generated from manufacturing new products in-state from those recyclables. According to CalRecycle, roughly 18 million tons of recyclables were exported from California seaports in 2014. Mark Murray, from Californians Against Waste, said recycling has created 125,000 green jobs in California and added billions of dollars to our economy but, he said, “We’re exporting too much of the value that can be generated from recycling.”

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