Electrifying! Beyond Fossil Fuels in Homes and Businesses

A Presentation / Video Hosted by Mei-Ling Shek

pixabay heat pumps 393059 640The cold weather last winter led to unusually high natural gas bills, and perhaps some sense of guilt. Come and learn about new carbon-free electric heating solutions for homes and businesses. Using clean electricity to replace natural gas for heating saves money in the long run while protecting our environment and future. We willll view a video of a presentation by Pierre Delforge, of the Natural Resources Defense Council, given on May 31, 2017, at the Sunnyvale Sustainability Speaker Series. 

Join us for this interesting session!


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Stanford Central Energy Facility Tour - May 25, 2017

A Collection Of Pictures From the Stanford Central Energy Facility Tour

A number of EGG members had the opportunity to tour the Stanford Central Energy Facility on May 25, 2017. It was a great tour which lasted about two hours. We got to tour alot of the nooks and crannoes of the facility. We had a good tour guide who was very informative and answered a ton of questions for us. When not giving tours, this individual worked in the Control Room of the facility. The pictures which are presented below provide a small memory of the tour.


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Introduction To Tesla Inc. Powerwall

A Presentation By Mike Mueller, Tesla Inc.

tesla powerwall picThe Powerwall is a Tesla Inc. product that provides Lithium battery energy storage for homes. Unused solar generated power can be stored for later use after the sun sets. It is also used for time of use load shifting, backup power, and as an off grid energy source. For our May 11, 2017 meeting, Mike Mueller from Tesla inc. will give us a close look at this product and go over details of its usage. Please join us at this informative meeting and join the discussion and learn more about this product.




Read more: Introduction To Tesla Inc. Powerwall

Fukushima: Five Years Later

A Presentation & Discussion By Mei-Ling Shek

pixabay nuclear reactors 499907 1920 smallFive years have passed since we witnessed the nuclear tragedy at Fukushima, Japan. What is the status of this situation? How are the people doing? Is cleanup going as anticipated? Have any surprises been encountered. Join us for this interesting session in which Mei-Ling Shek will provide some answers to our questions and maybe give some hints as to what possible short term and long term affects will be observed. This session will include a video and some discussion.

Please join us for this informative and interesting session on April 13, 2017!

The Power Of Direct Current: A New Energy Paradigm

Viewing of a Video & Discussion

pixabay electric car 1458836 340In the 1880’s, there was a “war” on whether electricity should be supplied as alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC), and the former won. So why is there now a renewed interest in DC? Come join us to learn about the present case for DC, and a groundbreaking initiative – the dc Project in Denver, Colorado.
We shall view a video on the April 2016 Sustainability Series event at The Alliance Center in downtown Denver, focusing on the building's direct current (DC) microgrid conversion.
We will start viewing the video at 8:15 a.m so please arrive by that time to see the full video!

Thursday Morning Meeting, Mar. 09, 2017 8:00am - 9:30am
Free, No reservations required, but it would be appreciated if you register on our Meetup site.


For Or Against Nuclear Power - Common Ground Traveled

A Presentation & Discussion By Tony Green

pixabay chimney 1733 smThe question of whether nuclear power should be adopted as a technology to produce clean energy along with wind and solar has been hotly debated for years. In fact, during last years’ COP21 meeting in Paris, the debate over whether nuclear power should be part of the climate change solution was almost enough to distract the attendees from the true goal of the meeting which was to come to an agreement to carbon dioxide reducing targets. Amazingly, beneath the surface, both the pro and anti-nuclear communities have more in common than you would think. I will cover questions such as:


>>How the rift developed between the pro nuclear and anti-nuclear communities.

>>The common ground shared by both sides.

>>Why future technologies may make the nuclear argument null and void.

>>Why both sides will need to work together to tackle our planet most pressing problem.

Come join us for this special Eco Green Group meeting!  

Presentation Available Here 

Read more: For Or Against Nuclear Power - Common Ground Traveled

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