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Electric Grid Video & TiE Smart City Initiative Review

Today we will view a video on the subject of Global Grids followed by Alex Mednick's review of the TiE Smart City Initiative.

damien ernst pic 2The video was recorded at a TEDX event. The speaker is Damien Ernst. The title of his presentation is "The Global Grid for Empowering Renewable Energy". Damien presents an interesting twist on the problems associated with moving to renewable energy and some common economic obstacles which need to be looked at. It was well received by viewers and should provide some thought provoking insite.

TiE logo 5Alex Mednick was involved with the TiE Smart City Initiative during January. They organized some very interesting competition to develop solutions to waste management, water management, and parking challenges. Alex will present information on the competition. 


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Happy Holidays, See You Next Year

happy holidays picture We will be taking a break over the Christmas Holiday. Our next weekly meeting will be held on January 7th, 2016. We will send out a newsletter and update the website a few days before that date to inform everybody of the scheduled event for that meeting. Have a green and enjoyable holiday and see you next year!


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Video Day

For our next EGG Thursday morning meeting, we will be watching a select video or two and engaging in discussion. If the current Paris Climate summit (COP21) results in something substantial to talk about or view by Thursday, we might focus on that in our meeting. Please join us and mingle with people who are committed to addressing our energy and climate issues.

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Semi_Annual EGG Review & Accomplishments

The EcoGreen Group invites you to join us for our traditional semi-annual special review and information meeting. We will review our accomplishments of the first half of 2015 and engage in dialogue on where we want to go during the second half  of the year. Volunteers efforts during the last six months will be recognized at this event. This is a good opportunity for EGG members to mingle and chat and contribute to planning future activities as well as for people interested in joining EGG to meet the group.

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