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  • Your Microbiome: What Is It, & How Can It Help Or Hurt You?

    Your Microbiome: What Is It, & How Can It Help Or Hurt You? You are never alone. Did you realize that wherever you go you bring along with you millions and millions of tiny life forms. Some are bacteria, some are viruses, and others are other named life forms. In the August 24, 2017 EGG session we will be taking a look at all of our little friends. Are they good for us? Are they bad for us? Do we even have a say in the matter? Join us for some presentation, discussion, and video on this fascinating subject. You may even leave with a few more friends! Read More
  • Mid August "Free For All"

    Mid August Looks like we are in the "dog days of summer". It's warm out, people are having barbecues, swimming, camping, and all those other fun things. We will keep it low key this week and show some videos, catch up on any sustainability events and news, and talk about things of interest. Maybe even do show n' tell. What is the cleanest, greenest way to barbecue? Come join the fun and mingle with like minded green folks. Read More
  • smappee - Your Energy Buddy!

    smappee - Your Energy Buddy! Need help figuring out how to make intelligent energy usage decisions in your home or business? Do you want some insite into how energy is being used at your location? In our August 10, 2017 EGG meeting, Jean-Claude Junqua will address these issues and more as he dives deeply into the innovative Smappee product. Join us and come up to speed on this new innovative technology. Read More
  • Comments On Intersolar North America 2017 & Interesting Videos

    Comments On Intersolar North America 2017 & Interesting Videos Did you miss the 2017 intersolar North America Conference in San Francisco last month and want to hear something about it? Did you attend the conference and you have some things you would like to say about it? Great! Come to our August 3, 2017 EGG meeting because we are going to be talking about the conference. In addition, we have some very interesting videos that we will be showing. Show up, have fun, learn a lot! Read More
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