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  • Post Memorial Day Holiday "Free For All" Day

    Post Memorial Day Holiday We are all kind of kickin' back this Memorial Day Holiday time and not preparing any presentations for our June 1, 2017 meeting. This meeting day will be another one of our "Free For All" days where we give the floor to any member or visitor to talk about some sustainable topic, or show something new they have discovered. A lot of interesting things have been brought to our attention on these days. Join us and partake in the discovery! Read More
  • No EGG Meeting In Saratoga On May 25, 2017

    No EGG Meeting In Saratoga On May 25, 2017 Various members of the EcoGreen group are taking a break this week and will be on a field trip to a location to learn and witness sustainability ideas in progress. There will be no EGG meeting at the Federated Church in Saratoga on May, 2017. We will resume our scheduled activities on June 1, 2017. See you then!
  • Thursday Morning "Free For All"

    Thursday Morning Today's meeting will be an opportunity for members and visitors to bring to our attention any interesting sustainability happenings that they have uncovered. There are alot of sustainability efforts going on out there and by having everybody's eyes and ears investigating we can become aware of some really incredible things that people are doing. I will be bringing to the meeting some of my findings and sharing it with the group. Bring some new sustainability things and help advance our effort! Please join us! Read More
  • Introduction To The Tesla Inc. Powerwall

    Introduction To The Tesla Inc. Powerwall The Powerwall is a Tesla Inc. product that provides Lithium battery energy storage for homes. Unused solar generated energy can be stored for later use after the sun sets. It is also used for time of use load shifting, backup power, and as an off grid energy source. For our May 11, 2017 meeting, Mike Mueller from Tesla inc. will give us a close look at this product and go over details of its usage. Please join us at this informative meeting and join the discussion and learn more about this product. Read More
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