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  • Networking, Verge Pictures, Video Day

    Networking, Verge Pictures, Video Day We do a lot of work to set up presentations and secure speakers for our morning events, so we are going to take a break this week and have a networking day. On September 29, 2016 we will network, show some pictures of the Verge Conference, and possibly stream video recordings of some of the Verge Conference sessions. Please join us and spend some time with others who are trying to make this a greener and cleaner environment. Read More
  • For Or Against Nuclear Power - Common Ground Traveled

    For Or Against Nuclear Power - Common Ground Traveled Our search for energy sources to keep pace with our populations thirst for energy takes us on many journeys to turn over many stones. In this presentation, Tony Green will again turn over the nuclear energy stone to re-examine the status of that energy source and look into the pros and cons associated with it. It is a controversial subject, no doubt about it, but one to be discussed openly for making decisions one way or another. Please join us on Thursday September 22, 2016 for this interesting presentation and discussion. Read More
  • A Behind The Scenes View Of Recycling

    A Behind The Scenes View Of Recycling We are all involved with recycling in one way or another. In todays session, we are going to take a look at what happens after you put that used bottle into the recycling bin. A lot of advancements have taken place in recent years to more efficiently deal with the recyclables and to speed up the process. Join us for this interesting session on Thursday, September 15, 2016, and go on a video journey into the inner workings of a recycling company. Read More
  • Green Infrastructure For Storm Water Management

    Green Infrastructure For Storm Water Management Remember when it used to rain? I mean, really rain? I remember watching the water gushing down the street and into the gutters; and along with it, all kinds of garbage, trash, and plant debris. Well, alot of people are thinking about that and how to improve the quality of that precious water. We can recover some usable water from that drainage, but we need to do something about cleaning it up or prevent so much pollution from getting in it. On Thursday Sept. 08, 2016, Mei-Ling Shek will guide us through some discussion and view some videos on some possibilities for improving our storm water management. Please join us! Read More
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