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  • Why The Time Is Now To Get Over The “Yuck Factor”

    Why The Time Is Now To Get Over The “Yuck Factor” We all want to feel comfortable that our drinking water is clean and not contaminated with any unhealthy substances. Mix the word "recycled" with "drinking water" in the same sentence and that is sure to get a lot of people into a place they do not want to go. If that is you, then Tony Greens' January 26, 2017 presentation at EGG is just what you need to make you calmer. Tony is going to cover the subject of recycled water from A to Z and relieve your tension! Please join us for this very informative presentation! Read More
  • Social Media Opportunities For EGG

    Social Media Opportunities For EGG There are so many types of social media at our disposal. Which ones make sense for a non-profit to use? Should we focus on just a few or get involved with many? Which ones should EGG be taking more advantage of? These and many questions will be explored in our Jan. 19, 2017 session. You are welcome to join and participate in the presentation and help forge a better social media trail for EGG. Read More
  • The Everyday Conversation

    The Everyday Conversation The Holidays are over (so sad) and now we are busy involved in our sustainability efforts. Join us for our January 12, 2017 meeting! Debra Kiefel will continue her series on how do we really jump in and put our sustainability ideas into doable and meaningful actions. This week she will guide us through how we can use our everyday conversations as a tool to achieve results. Read More
  • Semi-Annual EGG Review Meeting - 2nd Half 2016

    Semi-Annual EGG Review Meeting - 2nd Half 2016 Every six months we stop and reflect on the accomplishments and activities of EGG. During the Jan 05, 2017 special meeting, we will take a look at everything that went on at EGG, all the presentations that took place, and all the special events and field trips. We will have a chance to acknowledge the various members and volunteers who have helped EGG keep on track. Finally, it will be an opportunity for members to voice ideas on what they would like to be on EGGs agenda for the next six months. Join us! Read More
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